Teaching Children To Swim



Water safety, particularly for the under 5’s age group, is essential.

The use of safety fences and safety gates is a must for any parent or person with young relatives or tiny visitors.

Having a lockable pool fence is the best form of defence and should always be safely and securely positioned around the pool area to keep tiny people away from the pool-side when unsupervised.

That said, it is also a great idea to teach little ones how to swim and be confident in the water.  This is by no means a replacement for a pool safety fence – even the most competent swimmers can get into danger and even children who are the best swimmers should never be left unattended near water.

There are lot’s of methods for teaching children to swim.  By far, one of the most reliable methods is by using a one on one tutor.  Group classes move at a one-pace-suits-all speed and not all children learn at the same rate.  Some will be bored and want to move on quickly and some will be left behind.

The children who are struggling do not get the individual attention that they need to learn.

One on one tuition means that the classes are perfectly tailored to the childs needs and any issues can be picked up and rectified quickly.

Key features of Pool Safety Fences


There are so many different makes, models and manufacturers of pool safety fences now, it is difficult to know what to choose.

There are lot’s of features that are absolutely necessary for an ultra safe safety fence.

It must be secure.  This seems obvious doesn’t it but unfortunately some fences are not that hard for an inventive child to bypass..  The fence must be stable enough so that if a child runs into it, leans on it, rides a bike into it – or anything else that you can think of, it shouldn’t move. There are lot’s of fences that are made with heavy duty metal poles that are secured into fitting in the ground.You should be able to lean on it with your full weight and be safe in the knowledge that it is impenetrable.

It should have a fully locking gate.  It should be very difficult for a child to open the gate and should have a back up safety feature so that the gate needs two actions (at least) in order to open it. A secure gate is a must, it has to be so secure that it takes the full attention of an adult to get the gate open.

It should be mobile.  Lot’s of people want a gate that can be removed and taken away at a later date or moved with the family if the family move home.  This should not have an effect on the security of the safety fence though.

It should be made of a substantial material that is weather resistant. Any areas of rusting or weather damage can provide a dangerous chink in the armour of the safety gate and that can be hazardous. Always check your pool safety fence for signs of wear and tear.  This is essential.

The fence itself should be safe for children.  It shouldn’t be made with any sharp edges or sharp corners.  It should be made with high quality, safe and secure materials.

The pool fence gate should ideally be alarmed.  This is a great safety feature of many of the higher priced fences.  Iy is well worth having if you can afford to pay that little bit more.  It’s one more line of defence and will help to keep your children  safe.